National Council on Gender

The National Council on Gender elevates awareness on the importance of transforming gender norms across a wide range of social issues that advance the work. The Council is composed of concerned researchers, non-profit organizations, policy-makers, and philanthropic institutions.

Please view or download our new introductory report at left, "Gender Norms: A Key to Improving Outcomes in At-Risk Populations" or select one of the links below for more information.

Our Principles
Principles that guide the Council's work           and membership.

Terms & Definitions
Plain English definitions of common gender words and terminology.

Mission & Vision
The Council's mission, goals, values              and priorities.

Programs We Recommend
Recommended gender informed programs.

Activities & Priorities
What we do to promote gender transformative policies and programs.

Reports We Read
Recent reports on policies and programs by major agencies like USAID, WHO and others.  

Our member organizations, agencies              and individuals. 
Online Training
An online PowerPoint briefing (originally) delivered to the White House and CDC that provides an overview of gender norms. 



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