12 Steps Funders Can Take
Studies show that programmatic efforts that integrate a strong, specific focus on transforming gender norms and improving gender equity are more effective.

Philanthropic institutions may struggle with the best concrete steps to take to achieve this. It can help to leverage existing grantmaking effort that engages gender norms, even if it's not necessary called that.

Similarly, it can help to point out to grantees how their current programmatic efforts already address gender norms or gender equity, whether or not they think of it as such.

The overall goal is increase the comfort level of staff and grantees to create a launch pad for greater long-term engagement that will result in gender transformative work.

This checklist* includes a dozen simple, concrete, proven steps philanthropic officers can take to help implement gender transformative giving and program.
(Courtesy of Rahsaan Harris, Atlantic Philanthropies and Matt Barnes, Houston Endowment.)



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