For Parents & Teachers
Busy parents, dedicated educators, and other concerned caregivers all want to know how we can do better for our children. The links on the left provide all the tools, tips, recommendations and guidance you need for how to highlight, challenge and ultimately change harmful gender norms in your young person's life. All collected in one convenient place.

1. Fast Facts
Fast facts and ideas for parents and educators on dealing with gender stereotypes in children's TV, Internet, movies, and other media.

2. DOs & DON'Ts
Children are inundated with media stereotypes daily. You may not be able to stop it, but here are some helpful hints from the experts on what to do... and not do.

3. Myths & Facts
We help you separate myth from fact about gender stereotypes and children.

4. Media Literacy Tool
A simple seven-step program for being more media literate in helping your child or student resist harmful media gender stereotypes.

5. What Parents Think -- A TrueChild Survey
We wanted to know what parents really thought about the effects of media stereotypes -- so we asked 1,000 of them. This survey summarizes what we learned about their thoughts and concerns.



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