Reproductive Health, Teen Pregnancy, HIV
A one-pager on how traditional femininity and masculinity negatively impact reproductive health, HIV, and teen pregnancy outcomes.

Science, Math & Technology (STEM)
A one-pager on middle-school girls' need to choose between being feminine and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

Education & School Pushout Policies
A one-pager on academic underachievement in at-risk communities.

Economic Security & Gender Norms
A one-pager on ways to achieve gender transformative funding.

Young Black Men and Masculine Norms
A one-pager on the impact of masculine norms on Young Black men and boys.

Young Black Women and Gender Norms
A one-pager on the impact of gender norms on life disparities among Black girls.

Bullying and Teen Suicide
A one-pager on how to address bullying and teen suicide.

Transgender Violence
A one-pager on formative research to better understand the specific attitudes that drive hatred towards transgender people.

Jewish Girls and Gender Norms
A one-pager on the impacts of gender norms on Jewish girls.

 Because challenging rigid gender norms is a key to improving life outcomes for at-risk youth.



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